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What is Amazon FBA?

Automated Amazon Store Management

As industry experts DBC manages your day-to-day Amazon business and maximizes your potential on the platform.

In-depth product analysis

DBC only sources your store with proven and recognizable products to maximize your store’s profitability. We track a product or group of products to evaluate sales over time and spot trends, unexpected spikes, and seasonality.

Customized growth strategies to meet your investment goals

Every store is unique. “One size fits all” store management doesn’t work. We manage your store based on your investment strategy and growth objectives. We offer:

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We work to Reduce Amazon Fulfillment Costs & Fees

We don't just manage your store we help you manage your business

Along with our affiliates we offer the online seller a comprehensive set of tools and services including

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Question about FBA and other DBC services:

Can you provide done-4-you services?
Absolutely! DBC Limited and its affiliates have a complete set of products and services for the online seller.
What services do you provide?

In addition to FBA we offer FBM (Fulfilment By Merchant).

What marketplaces do you support?
Currently we support Amazon and Facebook marketplaces.
Do I have control over my store?

Absolutely! All stores are owned by the online seller and
we partner with you so that your objectives are met.

What is the average ROI?

Between 8-12%

What are the main tools you use?
We have a proprietary software system that allows you to have complete visibility to your store in real time.


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