Customer Code Of Conduct


This Customer Code of Conduct for DBC Limited sets out what you can expect from us and in turn, what we expect from our clients.

As DBC Limited workers, we will:

  • Always treat you with fairness, integrity, dignity and respect
  • Be respectful and not discriminate against the many different values, genders, disabilities,
    ethnicities and religions
  • Be open, transparent, and fair in our interactions
  • Not engage in corruption, extortion or bribery
  • Maintain confidentiality of your relationship with us and the information that you have provided to

The following is a list of behaviors or actions presented by our clients will not be tolerated under any circumstances:

  • Verbal abuse or profanity
  • Any form of physical, verbal, visual or general harassment
  • Intimidation tactics, victimization, bullying and/or making threats
  • Malicious or harmful statements about our workers, vendors, or other clients
  • Public display of our workers, vendors, or other clients confidential, personal or private information
  • Corruption, extortion, or bribery to obtain an unfair or improper advantage
  • Posting or sharing derogatory or defamatory comments online or electronically

This policy is strictly enforced and noncompliance will result in corrective measures being enforced. DBC Limited reserves the right to terminate services with its clients as a consequence of violating this policy. DBC Limited will respectfully notify you should this policy be breached and such termination actions be set forth.

Should you need to discuss concerns or have questions, please communicate directly with DBC Limited Customer Service at or 1-866-552-2332


The DBC Limited/DBC Solutions Team