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Why Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is one of the biggest and fastest-growing social media in the world with about 8 Billion active users around the world now. It means, no need to do traffic just to get sales on this platform.
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Delivery Requirements On Facebook Marketplace

Delivery Requirements on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

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What Is Commerce Manager?

What is Commerce Manager?

It is a platform that helps you sell products and manage your business across Facebook. Without a Commerce Manager account, you cannot sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Question about FBA and other DBC services:

Can you provide done-4-you services?
Absolutely! DBC Limited and its affiliates have a complete set of products and services for the online seller.
What services do you provide?

In addition to FBA we offer FBM (Fulfilment By Merchant).

What marketplaces do you support?
Currently, we support Amazon and Facebook marketplaces.
Do I have control over my store?

Absolutely! All stores are owned by the online seller and
we partner with you so that your objectives are met.

What is the average ROI?

Between 8-12%

What are the main tools you use?
We have a proprietary software system that allows you to have complete visibility to your store in real time.


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