Is Hiring a Marketplace Seller Account Manager right for you?

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Is Hiring a Marketplace Seller Account Manager right for you?

Any good Amazon seller will tell you that you cannot just “list it and leave it.” That approach to selling may have worked in the very early days of eCommerce, but no more. To have true success as a seller on Amazon, it is vital to dedicate time and resources to give your Amazon store the attention it deserves.

Many Amazon sellers get a persistent feeling of always having to “catch up” with their Amazon seller account – there’s always something that needs to be done. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to hire a dedicated Amazon seller account manager to help you keep things on track.

There are many benefits to hiring an Amazon account manager, here are just a couple:

  • Someone to provide expert advice for your listings, account health, advertising, shipping
  • A professional to take over some of the responsibilities of the day-to-day upkeep of your Amazon store

What Does an Amazon Seller Account Manager Do?

For starters, an Amazon seller account manager helps your business stay organized and helps to optimize the seller’s account. This can include: notifying the seller of any urgent issues, online product optimization, handling negative product reviews or feedback, and other important daily tasks that an Amazon seller must pay attention to.

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In addition, a good account manager helps sellers plan and execute a viable eCommerce business strategy with tasks such as revenue goals, monitoring PPC and marketing strategies, all while managing inventory levels. An account manager’s mission is to make sure the needs of the seller are met and give them an in-depth analysis and action for keeping the Amazon store a success.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Account Manager?

Once you become an Amazon seller, you’ll quickly realize that Amazon is a dynamic, sometimes challenging and ever-changing eCommerce platform. It takes constant attention and having a keen eye on the overall operation (sometimes a fresh keen eye) is very helpful. An experienced Amazon account manager handles many different sellers accounts and is savvy at pinpointing and handling many of the most common issues. If they don’t know how to handle a certain situation, they know where to go to find the answer(s). This can save you (as an Amazon seller) a lot of time and headache.

Building and maintaining a successful Amazon eCommerce store takes lots of hard work. Most sellers could use a little help. For some, their Amazon business is just a side gig; for others, it’s their main income source.

An Amazon account manager can help the seller plan a comprehensive strategy for daily, weekly, and monthly goals to help grow the business. This account manager, which is often a company with a team of experts back them up, can help the seller navigate the oftentimes murky waters of Amazon and find suitable solutions.

This team of experts also ensures that your Amazon business is proactively optimizing your product listings, performing PPC advertising checks regularly, creating great eye-catching content, reporting inventory issues, and more.

The Important of Customer Service

Your experience as an Amazon seller is made infinitely better by exceeding customer service expectations. Probably Amazon’s biggest priority is ensuring a stellar customer experience for everyone, and sellers will stand out from the competition with exceptional customer service across the board. This will help your Amazon sales rank as well. In short, customer service is essential to your success.

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With so much competition in the eCommerce marketplace, it’s never been more important to deliver a buying experience unmatched by your competitors. This not only inspires loyalty from your customers, it is essential to ensure your status as a trustworthy seller. If you or any of your employees feel overwhelmed with keeping up with customer inquiries, an Amazon account manager can work with you to alleviate that pain point.

When considering the customer service experience, not all businesses are created equal. Just look at Chick-fil-A and Disney, who are known leaders in providing an exceptional customer experience. Others, not so much, and the average person can quickly think of at least a couple of companies whose customer service is lackluster. You want a manager who will be on your side, returns your calls promptly, answers questions quickly, and is approachable. When looking for a good account manager, these are important questions to ask.

We know that not all Amazon sellers are created equal – there are many categories and variables between each seller – and with that comes a unique set of needs for account management. We listen to our clients and carefully review each account to create a detailed plan of all the steps we recommend. Everyone deserves a customized approach to growing and maintaining their Amazon business, and we’re here with a team of experts to help make that a reality.

For each of our clients, before we set up, manage, and grow their Amazon business, we take a complete assessment of their account and business model. This includes evaluating targeted customers, the competition, and where the business currently stands financially, as well as looking at current ad placement, and more. This detailed assessment gives the Amazon seller valuable information about the account, outlining aspects of the business they may not have been aware of. Our comprehensive assessment becomes the backbone to creating a sound strategy for moving forward, with actionable steps to help the account run smoothly and grow steadily.

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Have an Experience Team at Your Side

One key benefit of hiring an expert to help your Amazon business is that it encompasses a variety of Amazon seller services with the backing of an experienced team always available to provide assistance. Our dedicated team is able to identify major areas of concern and adjust business strategies as your Amazon business evolves.

As an Amazon account manager, we have protocols in place to keep you in the loop and always updated on your sales and business needs. We also make recommendations on a regular basis for actionable next steps to take with your account in an effort to continue to build a successful business on the Amazon selling platform.



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